Dar Si Jati Hei Sila


Dar Si Jati Hei Sila

Best Pakistani Drama 2018

Writer: Bee Gul
Director: Kashif Nisar
Producer: Momina Duraid (MD Productions)
Channel: HUM
Cast: Noman IjazYumna Zaidi, Saman Ansari, Sakina Samo, Saleem Sheikh, Aamna Malick, Usama Tahir, Kiran Haq and others.

Dar Si Jati Hei Sila was powerful, hard-hitting, relevant and definitely the kind of drama which educates and engages at the same time. It focused on many social issues from the complications arising from arranged marriages to the limitations and drawbacks of a joint family system. This drama artfully and unapologetically highlighted many important issues which are most often brushed under the carpet or are not dealt with too seriously. The best part of this drama was that it had so many important messages for the victims as well as for the abusers! The writer Bee Gul’s layered and meaningful script coupled with Kashif Nisar’s immaculate direction and some of the most impressive performances by all the actors involved made this drama one of those very few plays this year which had a lasting impression.

Noman Ijaz outshined in a negative role like never before, Yumna Zaidi’s performance throughout was extremely impressive, Saman Ansari translated a challenging character superbly on screen. Kiran Haq, Sakina Samo, Aamna Malick, Sheikh Mubashar and Usama Tahir were absolutely brilliant in this show. Dar Si Jati Hei Sila was Thought provoking, gripping, intense and disturbing – definitely one of the most impressive dramas this year!


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