Sajjal Ali


Sajal Ali is one of the most successful actresses of the Pakistani drama industry. From a young age, she was liked by the viewers for playing challenging roles. Even though Sajal Ali joined the entertainment industry at a young age but she never focused on glamorous roles. She has worked with some of the biggest names of the industry. Now, she herself is the kind of star the name of whom literally sell dramas. She does not only get appreciation from the masses but has also won critical acclaim repeatedly.

Many people might not know that Sajal Ali started working to support her family financially. Her first job wasn’t an acting venture but she took up the job of working as a brand promotion girl at a mall. At first, when she auditioned she was not accepted in the field of acting because of her voice which was too shrill according to the people who rejected her. Something that started

Sajal Ali considers herself really lucky because she got a chance to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. There was a time when her mother used to decide which drama she would act in. After her mother’s sad demise, Sajal Ali took this task upon herself. Her sister, Saboor Ali, also helps her make her decisions for her. Sajal Ali is also one of those few Pakistani actresses who have also worked across the border. She played a leading role in the film Mom.

Her popularity has soared with time. The reason for that is her commitment, hard work, and talent. There is tough competition in the acting industry yet Sajal Ali has made a name for herself even though she was the first person from her family to start acting. It was never easy for Sajal to make a name for herself. In one of her first projects, a senior actress had an issue with her and as a result of that, her face was nowhere in the promotional material. This was a difficult time for Sajal and she cried a lot.

Sajal Ali has since then come really far. She is a multi-talented individual who is not afraid to experiment. Sajal showed her amazing dance moves in her drama serial O Rungreza and even lend her voice for the OST. She surprised everyone and people wanted to hear her sing more songs. Sajal is definitely a jack of all, someone who has done so much and still has so much to give to the entertainment industry.

Now, the best actresses in the industry accept Sajal Ali as the most talented actress in the business. She has however taken the advice of her mentors and her mother that is why she makes sure she does not have those starry tantrums.

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