Suno Chanda 2


Suno Chanda 2

Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhry
Director: Ahson Talish
Producer: MD Productions

Suno Chanda 2 was a Ramazan special serial. It was a sequel of a comic serial with the same name. It had comedy and light entertainment. Suno Chanda 2 also bagged awards at Hum Tv Awards. There were very few comic serials in 2019 which truly entertained the viewers. Suno Chanda 2 was one of them. Nadia Afghan’s outstanding performance entertained. Her brilliant performance enthralled the viewers. Arjumand Rahim, Raza Talish and Sabeena Farooq’s characters and their performances were an entertaining addition to this serial. Suno Chanda 2 was the kind of mindless entertainment which had enough going for it to keep the viewers engaged right till the end.

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