Zun Mureed


Zun Mureed

Best Pakistani Drama 2018

Writer: Amna Mufti
Director: Ahmed Kamran
Producer: Moomal Entertainment
Channel: HUM
Cast: Nadia Khan, Omair Rana, Shamim Hilali, Hina Bayat, Khalid Anum, Aisha Gul and others.

Zun Mureed was a different journey altogether, this was the first time that a writer attempted and succeeded in shedding light on the issue that making laws is not enough, ensuring that they get implemented swiftly and most importantly changing the mindset of the people is the biggest challenge. The main protagonist Tabbasum’s journey throughout showed that she had more critics than supporters. On the other hand, there were so many people who endorsed what her husband Sajjad did. There was an important message for the men in this drama too and perhaps one which was not that easy to accept which is why this drama was criticized a lot too! One of the most important messages in this drama was that women too should be respected and that women can also get hurt or offended just as easily as men do! Relationships come first and ego comes second, if people start sacrificing their relationships to satisfy their egos than the fate which awaits their children was clearly shown in this drama.

Zun Mureed was truly groundbreaking in more ways than one. It was progressive unlike many other dramas which continue to promote clichés and stereotypes. Nadia Khan’s weak performance was the biggest flaw in the play but all the other actors played their respective roles superbly. Zun Mureed was appreciate by all the receptive viewers out there who wanted something more than just entertainment from a television show.


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